We love sharing ideas and our work, as a way to give back to the Internet. Ideanist.com  posts will be on a range of topics that we care about and that may be of use to others. We love technology, entrepreneurship, and are interested in looking at the world from the perspective of an outsider.

Definition of Ideanist

If you were wondering what the meaning is of Ideanist, here is our official definition: i·de·an·ist
1. a person who is a creative explorer of ideas, a creator of art, or a builder of creative things, and featured on ideanist.com.
“Only an ideanist could have thought of composing a score that generates images projected by the instruments when illuminated, matching the mood of the music.”


All of our content is original and new, usually based on hours of research, hands-on experimentation, building and editing. We think things through and try things out first. If something exists already, there is no need to re-invent the wheel, and a reference will suffice.

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A beatiful photograph of a lighthouse at dusk.
Ideanist wants to be your lighthouse on the Internet.

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