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1. Introduction

Reading this wiki may one day provide an accurate technical introduction but we are only at the beginning. The only authoritative source would be the open source repositories of code but even code is constantly changing during development.

In these pages MDSF stands for Maidsafe the company; SFNW stands for SAFE Network, the “product.”

1.1 Start Here

1.2 Intermediate Level

  • A write-up of September 2017 (archived) can be found here (old link).
  • The Documentation topic of September 2017 summarizes many concepts here.

Contribution ideas

(Testing and validation of code and concepts)

  • Become an ambassador in your region! discussion and pointers. Recognition on the SafeNetwork forum for your work may earn you an official SAFE Ambassador title. See Appendix section People for a list of SAFE Ambassadors.
  • Develop a DAPP prototype. A strong DAPP and developer ecosystem will be important for adoption and through adoption for stronger security.
  • Participate in test nets announced on the forum.

1.3 Expert Level

The project’s code

The safe_network project on GitHub (2204)

Rust Core Libraries Documentation

Dev Hub Docs page

Rust crates: (crate search SAFE Network)

MaidSafe has chosen a mix of GPL and MIT/BSD.

Debian packaging wiki


MaidSafe requests input through a public RFC (Request For Comment) process. RFCs are accessible here on GitHub. The list of RFCs by status can be found in that repository here.

MAIDSafe has internal “pre-RFC” documents on certain topics, which means that the published RFCs provide an incomplete picture of the status of technology development.

RFC Discussions

List of all RFC discussions

SAFE Web App

API Documentation

Contribution Ideas

  • MaidSafe has an RFC process and discussion takes place on the MAID Safe Forum.
  • Help packaging to make installation easier.
  • Read the code, build and test, and help improve it.
  • Run a testnet and look for vulnerabilities.

Unsolved questions (still?)

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