Sharp KB-6014LS/LK/LW Repair

Maintenance info on the Sharp 24-inch Insight Pro Microwave Drawer of 2006.

Parts – Microwave Cover

As of 2024, the original Stirrer Cover Assembly part FCOVPB002MRY0 was not available anymore. Fortunately, SHA FCOVPA068WRYZ is an exact replacement for this. There is no apparent difference.

Cutting mica plates to size would work perhaps if such large size plates were available, but it would be missing a piece of plastic that holds the microwave rotating antenna centered.

Removal: The cover and rotating antenna standing on the plate are held in place by two “can0e” clips PCLICA044WREZ on the front side. Using your fingernails (to avoid damaging the clips) get beneath the clip top and wiggle it out. There is no need to take out the drawer, but using a mirror might be convenient.

Installation: First, align and place the antenna back into the hole. Once it fits into the motor drive shaft, the antenna will not rotate easily anymore. Next, using a ruler, hold the antenna in place on the plastic part without covering the center pin. Finally, while holding the ruler, slide the new plate into the tabs in the read, align the holes in the front to the fastener holes and, once aligned, pull out the ruler. Then replace the two clips.

Impacts of minor damage to the plate: My replacement part arrived damaged with a 2 mm-wide partial protrusion in it. I installed it anyway, because the microwave frequency is 2.45 GHz, which corresponds to a wavelength of 120 mm, which is relatively large to the blemish. I did not see any sparking or other issues.

Legacy information

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